Custom built high performance & individualisation platforms for forward thinking sports teams

Genetrainer’s platform allows exploration and analysis of complex & diverse performance data, helping you find the optimum levels for each athlete.

Increase individual potential by calibrating training, performance and injury data to an athlete’s DNA

The tools for success

Full GPS & video analysis support and automation

  • Compatible with all standard GPS & video formats
  • Data upload can be set up to trigger bespoke actions
  • Full control of which data shared with athletes
  • Create your team’s own optimal data flow

A platform for high performance

Web platform

Coaches, trainers & medical staff

Logistical tools, alerts, correlations dashboards

  • Body metrics
  • Wellness & subjective questions
  • GPS / Video & performance data
  • Training sessions
  • Injuries & medical

Mobile App


Personalisation and feedback

  • Training data
  • Lifestyle and body metrics
  • App & APIs
  • Genetics

Calibration & personalisation with genetics

Genetrainer creates individual load models for each athlete by combining genetics, age and training stress. Improved accuracy provides improved predictive power.

Training load planning & individualisation

  • Use any metric as training load and use any model to calculate baseline e.g. chronic/acute ratios, TSB etc.
  • Ultra fast and reliable calculations mean the data is live, available for staff and up to date with any changes
  • Check in on any changes after a match or training session and adjust and personalise accordingly
  • Custom load models can be set up to take into account the genetics or age of an individual athlete

The Genetrainer advantage

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